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flying fox

Monday, Jan. 31 Tonight, under the spell of distant thunder, a flying fox glides beneath the mango.  Turbulent skies pulsate on wet-leather wings. Brilliant displays of lightening flash across the southern sky, and I am on the shore of Lake … Continue reading

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N’Dogo lagoon

Sunday, Jan. 30 Today rising early, after omelets and toast, we are boating back up to where the lagoon empties into the Atlantic.  We see the reason for no hippos in the river, as a pod of hippos bob the … Continue reading

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elephants at Sette Cama

Saturday, Jan. 29 Saturday morning and we are preparing for another visit to Sette Cama.  We will boat north through N’Dogo lagoon.  Accompanying Lisa and myself is Mr. Martin, our guide, Marguerite and Hadrien, and Jonathon, a visiting scientist, all … Continue reading

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