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remote camera

This past week I set out a scouting camera (a.k.a. remote camera, stealth camera, camera trap).  The camera is triggered by heat and motion, and when attached to a tree, will record the passing of warm-blooded creatures day and night. … Continue reading

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Boiga pulverulenta, orange tree snake

I love having a bicycle.  At least between rainstorms, I can pedal my way just about anywhere.  The “Terminal” offices where Lisa works are approximately four kilometres away and a bicycle trail follows several production roads from Yenzi to the … Continue reading

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morning in Yenzi

After nights of heavy rain there is a welcome morning lull.  The sleepy camp comes alive in the soft light, the sounds of dripping leaves, the dance of moths, squawks and whistles from the gray parrots, sunbirds buzzing in the … Continue reading

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white moth

For a moment in the early morning light, a scattered snow fills the air. On a shimmer of translucent wings, white moths spill from the grasses like pearls of a broken necklace, to disappear among the leaves.  

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Africa must have a thousand words for rain.  Like snow to Eskimos, there seems to be endless variety.  There is rain, light and delicate that whispers through the leaves, falling like aerosol.  There is rain moving in from the distance … Continue reading

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surreal night on N’Dogo Lagoon

Our 3:30pm departure stretched to 4:45pm as we finally heard the buzz of our Safari Lodge boat approach the Shell Jetty near Plaine Village.  By now the two-hour boat trip would deliver Lisa, Carla and myself to Safari Lodge in … Continue reading

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