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rouge alley, N’Dogo lagoon

Sunday, 11 December Today I am up at 6am, preparing for a day on the lagoon. Seven people are going out for a day of fishing. We will be taking two boats of which I will pilot one, as part … Continue reading

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dinosaur invades Gabon

While riding my bicycle one dark and ominous day, I came upon a crack in the Earth’s crust. Steam was escaping, and the smell of primordial ooze was overpowering. I cautiously crept to the edge of the rumbling, crumbling earth … Continue reading

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reptiles du Gabon

We received a call on Saturday morning from Philip Lawry, a friend in Yenzi. While traveling along the beach approximately four kilometres north of the terminal, he came across a carcass of a sea turtle. Leatherback turtles have begun to … Continue reading

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