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Saturday, February 18 In the savanna before the Ozouga forest, a skull stares silently to the sky.  In another life, it guided a mangabey as it scampered through the limbs of the towering Ozouga, peering down on elephants feeding below. … Continue reading

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gorillas, a mamba, and the Ozouga forest

The rains are slowly re-establishing a weather pattern.  Mostly after dark, they fluctuate with intensity, starting with a barely perceptible mist, progressing to a tin-roof pounding thunder, then backing to undulating sheets of varying intensity.  This means my garden doesn’t … Continue reading

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listening to gorillas

7 February, 2012        I am looking for wildlife prints on a stretch of sand exposed by the receding water along the roadway south of Gamba airport. The forest closes in on the road here, the thick west … Continue reading

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a few birds…

Feb 2, 2012       Several days past I was riding home from the terminal.  Beneath a cluster of large trees, I hear the rustling of monkeys overhead and stop to observe.  Something is fruiting in the canopy above and the … Continue reading

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