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lowland forest, part three

Today, it has been 13 days since I have checked on my stealth camera.  I have arranged to have Lisa, Mireille (a visiting scientist studying elephants) and Axel (a recent graduate of the school of Forestry and Water, Libreville) accompany … Continue reading

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lowland forest, part two

Today I cycled back to the lowland forest to check on a stealth camera. Last week I set the camera along one of the elephant trails where it passed close to an ozouga tree.  The base of the tree is … Continue reading

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lowland forest

The morning is cool, relatively speaking, as I pedal down the tarmac to a forest destination about 10 kilometers south of Yenzi.  Light clouds keep the sun from burning through as I start my ride, and a misty rain envelops … Continue reading

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between the rains

The steaming forest lies momentarily silent as rains pass, pierced occasionally by the raucous cries of turacos reverberating over the forest like echoes from some prehistoric era. Frogs, reawakened by fresh waters flooding through their environment, give up the location … Continue reading

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