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January 29, 2013

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leatherback turtle

Jan. 12, 2013. A dark night at Point Dick, along the coast of Gabon.  The moon is nowhere in sight, few clouds shimmer above the glow of the Shell Terminal complex five kilometers north along the beach, the froth of … Continue reading

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I am bicycling down to Economart late Monday morning.  The sun is burning through light cloud cover, doing a slow-bake into the roadway.  Passing the T-junction, there is a patch of forest crowding the road where birds are always singing, … Continue reading

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hippo, January 1, 2013

There are numerous hippos observed where N’Dogo lagoon greets the Atlantic.  A pod of four kept their distance in the lagoon, submerging only to reappear 20 to 30 meters away.  And in the river channel, a pool contained at least … Continue reading

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