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Ornate monitor lizard

Steve and I arrived late morning at Jardin des Elephants, one of the beaches north of Gamba, south of Sette Cama along the Gabonese coast. The beach was particularly wide at low tide, barely a whisper of surf washing ashore. … Continue reading

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elephant bath

The gurgling and splashing was coming from the confluence of the Ngove and Eshira Rivers in front of Akaka Camp. We could see a disturbance in the water across the river, like a barrel bobbing into the current. Soon, a … Continue reading

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Allez! Allez!

Once again, I had fallen behind the safari through the forest, searching out some detail in the canopy above. Ange suddenly appeared at my side, whispering an urgent “Allez! Allez! Elephant venir!” The silence of an elephant in the forest … Continue reading

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Mbane River crocodile

Moukalaba-Doudou National Park.     We had just crossed the Mbane River, keeping to the grassy banks to avoid the crush of vegetation, when guides Pie, Ange, and Jet quietly motioned us forward. A female Nile crocodile was sunning on … Continue reading

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progress? for Gabon

A weathered gorilla skull sits impaled before earth-moving machinery on a roadside through the Gabon wilderness. Road improvement projects benefit local communities but displace wildlife habitat. As progress continues, the National Parks will become even more valuable to the remaining … Continue reading

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gorillas on the savanna

One by one, they emerged from the forest edge onto the distant savanna, dark shadows moving with a lively bobbling gait. By the upright posture, the babies riding on the shoulders of adults, heads held high, these were likely gorillas. … Continue reading

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Tchibanga, Gabon, from the west

A billboard from the 2009 Presidential election stands fading and tattered along the west entrance to Tchibanga, Gabon.  About 20,000 in population, Tchibanga is one of the larger towns in southern Gabon. Government bureaus, a lively market scene and stage … Continue reading

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