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chameleon on the doorstep

Lisa spotted the chameleon sitting on a sandal outside our kitchen door last Friday. He appeared oblivious to our attention, frozen in a buddha-like pose. Not really blending in to his surroundings, the lime-green lizard was looking a little vulnerable, so … Continue reading

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one elephant at a time

In what would have been an idyllic scene not uncommon in Gabon, an elephant crosses a savanna near the coast. A closer look reveals a snare constricted around the left foreleg, causing severe pain, infection, limited mobility, immeasurable suffering, and … Continue reading

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camera trap. August 2015


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Moukalaba-Doudou gorillas

Thursday, August 6.    The flush of adrenaline in the presence of big wildlife revitalized spirits as we neared the end of a long trek through the forest of Moukalaba-Doudou. Returning to camp late in the afternoon, a large gorilla … Continue reading

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