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wedding, wedding, baptism, wedding, soirée…

September 11 and 12: Lisa and I were invited to a wedding in Libreville. The groom, Hervé, had been working for Smithsonian at the Rabi Forest Monitoring Plot on the botany team, and would be leaving soon to pursue a … Continue reading

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whales on the open sea

Lisa and myself were heading for Sette Cama by 7:30 on Sunday morning, with Heiko driving, behind the wheel of his Toyota. A rendezvous was organized for a 9:30 departure from Shell Hut on Zuzu, a 2X150HP, 23-foot Gulfstream piloted … Continue reading

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scheduled for execution

Reports have been circulating about an elephant being aggressive toward residents in Yenzi. Rumor was, this elephant had a wound to the side of his head. Unfortunately, both accounts may be true, and I got a call to make some … Continue reading

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