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sitatunga spotted

On our way to Aphrodite Beach for a picnic with friends. Aphrodite is maybe 15 to 20 kilometers south of Gamba, off a pot-holed tarmac road that has good probability of seeing wildlife. It winds between savannas and forest a few kilometers in from the … Continue reading

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rain in the forest

Heading south on the tarmac, cycling past the airport, past Vera Plaines, past the line. Heavy clouds and distant thunder approaching over the southeast horizon does not bode well for a casual walk in the forest. A headwind feels like rain … Continue reading

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a pair of Bee-eaters

Sitting in the morning sun, at a break in the forest.  

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coastal rainforest

Enchanting, mysterious, timeless. The lowland coastal forests of Gabon are inundated with pools and lagoons. They trickle into streams of fresh, tannin-stained water coursing to the sea. Diverse little habitats where fish begin their lives, hippos find sanctuary, elephants and buffaloes … Continue reading

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