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Bwiti ceremony

The smell of burning Okoume’ resin fills the air as we arrive in the village of Doussala, Gabon, a small isolated village of 20 to 30 Gabonese. Three hours of slogging through rutted, saturated clay track, crossing several rivers and streams … Continue reading

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portrait of a buffalo

Another Forest buffalo lies on a Gamba savanna, a victim of poaching. With little enforcement, and even encouragement from the markets in Gamba, Tchibanga and Libreville, the unsustainable killing of these animals is the beginning of the end for the … Continue reading

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eyes on Ethiopia

Two weeks in Ethiopia, late March. A welcome break from the rain , high temperatures, and heavy humidity of Gabon. A few highlights from the trip…      

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good morning Gamba

A rare sunny morning during the rainy season. Radiant sunlight pours golden from a nearby savanna, illuminating a stream draining the lowland forests between Vera Plaines and the sea. A young silverback passes a remote camera, and is soon followed … Continue reading

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