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hunting hornbills

Red-billed dwarf hornbill     A trio of these curious little hornbills swept into the tree above in full hunting mode. While one bird sat motionless on a limb, a second would leapfrog to a branch in front. After a … Continue reading

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song for a gorilla

Thursday, June 23       6am, riding my bicycle out to a hide in the trees to watch the morning unfold. The sky is beginning to show light to the east, but heavy clouds keep the morning at bay. There is … Continue reading

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another surprise in the forest

Saturday, June 18, 2016     A cool breeze trickles through the trees, knocking a few leaves free to clatter their way through the branches. The forest floor has dried to a crunch. I carry my bicycle from the laterite … Continue reading

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sitatunga crossing a savanna

Saturday, June 11.     It is late afternoon as I return from checking a camera trap in a nearby forest. Shortly after crossing a stream I walk out from beneath the trees to catch sight of a shadow moving slowly through the … Continue reading

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who is watching whom?

Another trek to Doussala. In addition to being chauffeur for the voyage, I assist Angelique Todd to document and assess tourism readiness of Group Gentil, a family of gorillas studied and habituated over the past decade on the edge of Moukalaba-Doudou … Continue reading

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walk with an elephant

  A report of an aggressive elephant prompted Shell Gabon to call on a veterinarian from Port Gentil to assess the health of the elephant in question. He is called Tchibanga by local Smithsonian scientist Mireille Johnson, a specialist studying … Continue reading

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