another gorilla visit

I have been moving my camera to different locations and was privileged to receive another visit by the band of gorillas.  This is likely the same family of gorillas encountered earlier, though the numbers have increased to fourteen, including an additional silverback.

They passed by just before sunset, when the forest is on the edge of darkness.  Though there was still ambient light from the evening sky, the camera has gone into infra-red mode, and the flash helps illuminate the deep shadows of the twilight forest. The gorillas now appear to have left the area, for I have seen no recent sign.  Perhaps they need to be on the move, searching for ripening fruits and fresh plants.

An early morning procession of elephants file past the rain-splattered lens of a camera trap. The tusks of forest elephants curve inward to make it easier to maneuver through thick forest cover.

The elephants, sititungas, monkeys, and duikers still leave their footprints in the sand.  We will see what else calls this forest home in the coming weeks.  I am still hoping for a glimpse of the leopard.

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