Benson Street, Monrovia


Saturday, late morning. Benson Street is alive with vendors crowding the sidewalks selling fruits, vegetables, shoes, electronics, or simply changing money. Tailors create shirts and dresses inside the storefronts. Cross the street at your own risk.

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2 Responses to Benson Street, Monrovia

  1. Kate Benc says:

    Good to see you back on your blog David. Are you based in the city? I love the skies in some of your photos.

    • dkorte says:

      Thanks Kate. Yes we are in the city. Mamba Point overlooks the sea. Lots of people in the streets, and fishing boats in the sea. I am anxious to have my fishing kit (and bicycle) so I can try my luck. I see big fish coming into the markets–sea bass, barracuda, tuna…

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