Gamba back to Moulondo

Monday June 17     We are well into the dry season and the scientists are returning to Moulondo for the next phase of study.  I will be accompanying them, leaving on Wednesday June 19 for another six weeks of photography in the remote forests and savannas between Moungangara and Loubomo, along the coast of southwest Gabon.

A large sitatunga buck feeding on a savanna in late afternoon near Moulondo.

The wet season was challenging for the volume of water flowing through the savannas, forests and roadways. The dry season should be an interesting contrast as I revisit many of the locations previously inundated with water.  Wildlife will have changed their patterns of movement, savannas will be burning, lagoons may be dry, roads will be accessible where they were previously flooded.

Communication will be limited, there will be no internet, minimal telephone, and little contact with the rest of the world.

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