happy new year

last sunset of 2011 dances on the surf at Point Pedras

December 31, 2011   Lisa and I are invited to go camping at Point Pedras, a 20-kilometre drive up the coast from Yenzi.  We arrive by mid-afternoon and have camp set up in time for happy hour.

While exploring the beach, we discover tracks of crocodile and hippo.  Later that night, after dark, we visit a nearby lagoon and illuminate the eyes of its denizens with our lamps.  I have set a camera-trap in hopes of recording some of the night creatures, but the best we have are the footprints of hippos and crocs, as well as sititunga and duikers.

hippo tracks and crocodile tracks next to the lagoon at Point Pedras

Tony comes ’round with Shandies for happy hour and we relax with the world’s best view of the Atlantic at dusk.   Dinner of pasta bolognese, salads, garlic bread toasted in the campfire, and wine and champagne carries us to the midnight hour.

Lisa, Andrew, Mary, Tony float Chinese lanterns into the midnight sky

New year’s morning finds us sleeping in a little later than usual, then Lisa and Mary put together a delicious breakfast of eggs with bacon, and crepes with raspberries and mango.  As the day warms, we take a dip in the surf and relax under the shade of the palms.

Lisa and Elle find comfort in the new year

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