its a circus out there

Wednesday I was fortunate to go for a walk with the visiting circus from Holland.  Giel, Piet and Jan Pier came into the forest with me to check my camera trap.  It had been raining heavily the previous day so all animal tracks were washed away, except those that were made earlier in the day.  We came across many tracks of sitatunga, monkeys, and a family of elephants seemed to be foraging in circles around us.

Giel takes a picture of a picture being taken, as Jan Pier and Piet look out for crocodiles.

We heard several birds we were able to identify:  the red-chested cuckoo, black-casqued hornbill, woodland kingfisher, and the bulbul.  Troops of monkeys scrambled through the trees as we approached.  The rumble of thunder brought suspense to our walk and by the time we returned to the car, rain had moved in to add yet another layer to the Gabon experience.

On a Thursday morning of the previous week, a large male sitatunga passed through the dappled morning shadows along a riverbank.

24 hours, 22 minutes and 27 seconds after we visit the camera trap, a mother elephant with two juveniles come to look at the river. The littlest elephant is lost in the shuffle.

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