Lake Manyara, Tanzania


Cape buffalo on the shore of Lake Manyara.

Below the rift valley escarpment in north-central Tanzania lies Lake Manyara, a lake with no outlet formed by stream runoff spilling down the escarpment.  It is constantly evaporating, accumulating salt and soda deposits in the process.  It covers on average an area of 390 square kilometers and attracts many waterbirds.

Beneath the crest of escarpment, steep cliffs transition to open woodland, shrubland, marshes and savanna, providing ideal habitat for many mammals, birds and reptiles.

Part of our holiday in Tanzania was spent at Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, in the National Park.  I have created a little gallery of creatures we were fortunate to spend time with while in Lake Manyara National Park.  And soon to follow, a gallery from Serengeti National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater.  Enjoy.

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