flying fox

Monday, Jan. 31

Tonight, under the spell of distant thunder, a flying fox glides beneath the mango.  Turbulent skies pulsate on wet-leather wings.

Brilliant displays of lightening flash across the southern sky, and I am on the shore of Lake Yenzi, under cover of umbrella to protect my camera from spitting rain. I try to capture the power of a night storm moving slowly across a murky horizon heading out to sea.  Under the nearby streetlamp, moths have gathered and I am entertained by the shadow-dance of bats as they dive and careen beneath the lamp.

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  1. Tom Mirenda says:

    HI David,
    Lisa sent me the link to your wildly enjoyable website.
    Your writing is so evocative, I can actually imagine what it must be like to see and hear these creatures and to experience these incredible places. I hope to get out there with you and Lisa someday. Thank you for sharing your stunning photography and eloquent story telling.

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