Johnson Street, Monrovia

“We choose hope over fear ” Relic from a better time. Johnson Street, Monrovia, Liberia.


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rubber recycling

Recycling old truck tires, Mr. David carves spacers to adapt car suspensions for high-clearance backroad driving. Bungee cords from inner tubes, washers for plumbing, soles for your shoes, there is little that can’t be cut from an old piece of rubber. Monrovia, Liberia.


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manicure on Benson

Ma Jessica sits in front of her home on Benson Street in downtown Monrovia, attended by two manicurists painting her nails.


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downpour on Mechlin Street

A sudden downpour in Monrovia stops pedestrians on Mechlin Street. Monrovia, the capitol city with most rainfall, can exceed five meters in a year, with heaviest rainfalls of nearly a meter accumulating in June and again in July. Reduced sunshine keeps temperatures on the mild side, with temperatures in the mid 20C’s (mid 70F’s). Rain clears the air of haze and smoke, making those days between storms sun-filled and fresh. Humidity is usually high, and feels especially so magnified under a bright sun.



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street art, Monrovia

Liberian mask painting formerly on a wall of Kamara Arts and Crafts Center in Monrovia, allegedly painted by the father (from Lofa County, I believe) of family members managing the Art Center. Unfortunately painted over with an advertisement for Orange cellular service. It saddens me to see these cultural expressions replaced by commercial advertising.


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fish market, Monrovia, Liberia

Just off Benson Street, along Mechlin, a little fresh air market deals in fish, shrimp, and lobsters. They are brought to market in the late afternoon on days that fishermen have had luck with their nets off the coast of Monrovia. Success is limited now in the rainy season, as the rain and restless seas impact the number of fishermen able to get out on the water.


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Red colobus monkeys

Red colobus monkeys, a mother and her infant, not sure whether to hide or flee, sit quietly in the canopy of Gola Rainforest National Park in Sierra Leone. Logging and farming, including oil palm cultivation, has reduced their habitat outside of the National Park.


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the crow and the coucal

A Senegal coucal sits at the peak of my neighbor’s roof, drawing the sun as daylight struggles past an early morning rain. Unusual to be so exposed, coucals prefer to clamber through the undergrowth of vegetation on a hunt for bugs and lizards.

A Pied crow spies the unsuspecting coucal and pulls an ambush raid, swooping up from behind, sending the coucal into the safety of a nearby bean-tree.


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Sunday rain

A rainy Sunday morning, downtown Monrovia. Brother and sister linger, too shy for a picture. Finally gathering courage, they overcome their reluctance, flashing a smile to brighten an otherwise dismal day.


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rain in Monrovia

Crossing a rain-swollen intersection on Benson Street, a carpenter plods through floodwaters to deliver door-frames by cart. So far, the storms are mostly short-lived, but can drop a lot of rain quickly. If your timing is lucky, you can find shelter for several minutes until the worst of the storm has passed. If not, once you’re wet, you’re wet.


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