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baboon for sale, $350 US

Monrovia, Liberia.    Baboon for sale, $350 US. A baby chimpanzee (aka baboon in Liberia) for sale in Mamba Point neighborhood of Monrovia. It’s mother was likely killed for the bushmeat trade that sees little regulation in Liberia. Strategies are … Continue reading

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Red colobus monkeys

Red colobus monkeys, a mother and her infant, not sure whether to hide or flee, sit quietly in the canopy of Gola Rainforest National Park in Sierra Leone. Logging and farming, including oil palm cultivation, has reduced their habitat outside … Continue reading

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flora and fauna, Sapo National Park, Liberia

We could hear a rustling in the leaves high above our heads, the thick canopy hiding whatever activity was capturing our curiosity. The soft trill and chirping indicated to Thomas that this was a troop of Diana monkeys feeding through … Continue reading

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nature morte

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April 26

April 26  6:15am     We are minutes late to intercept a herd of seven forest buffalo as they cross the primary savanna in front of us.  With a gallery between us, we run, hoping to find them at the … Continue reading

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