birds in the morning

Thursday, Jan 06.    Going out early morning with Chris, to observe birds, we drive slowly down the beach road and park in a forest to listen to the morning sounds. Black bee-eaters, sunbirds, white-crested hornbills, coucols, finches, ibises and palm-nut vultures are some of the birds we discover, singing and squawking to greet the morning.

Later that day I return by bicycle, seeking afternoon light and ride several production roads. A light and brief afternoon rain silences the landscape. Peering out from a fragment of forest swamp, I am able to observe two sitatunga, an adult male and female, feeding on the edge of the forest. They circle each other as they feed, like ballet in slow motion. Could this be how they keep watch on their surroundings, two pairs of eyes scanning opposite horizons? They seem unaware of my presence, slowly revolving into the forest, while overhead, two African grey parrots pass through the trees, whistling in melodic conversation.

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