leaving for Sette Cama

Sat. Jan 08

It is 12:30 pm; Lisa and I are meeting the boat to Sette Cama, a village north of Gamba between N’Dogo lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean.  Because the road is difficult with sand-hazards and water, the best way is to travel by boat up the N’Dogo lagoon, passing the villages of Magondza, Hiaba, Mogambi, N’Gorey and Putonga along the way. Our boat to Safari Lodge arrives for pick-up at one-o-clock in Gamba. Two-thirty and we have arrived at Safari Lodge. Our guide, Kassa, has us on a late-afternoon hiking adventure near Loango National Park, where we hike along the Atlantic coast, passing sea turtle tracks in the sand, watch a sititunga, and experience the fresh air and surf of the coast.

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