flying fox

Monday, Jan. 31

Tonight, under the spell of distant thunder, a flying fox glides beneath the mango.  Turbulent skies pulsate on wet-leather wings.

Brilliant displays of lightening flash across the southern sky, and I am on the shore of Lake Yenzi, under cover of umbrella to protect my camera from spitting rain. I try to capture the power of a night storm moving slowly across a murky horizon heading out to sea.  Under the nearby streetlamp, moths have gathered and I am entertained by the shadow-dance of bats as they dive and careen beneath the lamp.

One response to “flying fox”

  1. HI David,
    Lisa sent me the link to your wildly enjoyable website.
    Your writing is so evocative, I can actually imagine what it must be like to see and hear these creatures and to experience these incredible places. I hope to get out there with you and Lisa someday. Thank you for sharing your stunning photography and eloquent story telling.

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