fishing the surf

Sunday morning and I am waiting for Paul to collect me for a morning of fishing.  He has offered to take me along to a fishing destination approximately 30 miles down the coast from Yenzi, where the Nyanga river flows into the Atlantic ocean.

After 10 miles of paved road, we leave the asphalt and follow a sandy track across a savannah into a narrow strip of forest.  Within the forest, we pass a lagoon  and spend a few minutes exploring.  Hippo tracks mingle with elephant and buffalo.  Paul comments that there are gorillas in the area, as well as crocodiles, both Nile and Dwarf varieties.  These creatures are on the move in the night, he says, and if we could plan to arrive before first light, we stand good chance of sightings.  A perfect location for a remote camera set.  Back on the track, it degrades to deep ruts and Paul stops to adjust the air pressure in the tires to better grip the soft sand.  Beyond the forest we enter the ocean plage and shortly thereafter arrive at the scene of fishermen plying the surf where the Nyanga river mixes with the ocean.  This zone of mixed fresh and saltwater attracts sea bass, red carpe, capitaine, and further out, sharks.

surf fishing where the Nyanga river meets the Atlantic

Several fishermen have been catching red carpe and capitaine in the morning, but we are unsuccessful.  I learn the secret to their success lies in netting fresh bait-fish from one of the lagoons behind the surf.  Another friend from Yenzi arrives and, while casting an artificial lure, hooks into a forty-pound capitaine.  After a good battle, Dave hauls it onto the beach.  As the rains intensify, Paul and I decide to return to Yenzi.  I will search for my own rod and tackle, and possibly a net to gather live bait.

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