dinosaur invades Gabon

ornate monitor (Varanus ornatus) cornered in a laterite washout

While riding my bicycle one dark and ominous day, I came upon a crack in the Earth’s crust. Steam was escaping, and the smell of primordial ooze was overpowering. I cautiously crept to the edge of the rumbling, crumbling earth and peeked over the edge. A reptilian hiss and crack of a tail sent me reeling back from the precipice. After accounting for all limbs, fingers and toes, I snuck back in for a look.  An Ornate Varanasaurus was staring back intently, licking his chops and preparing to lunge up through the crevice to snaggle the flesh from my bones.

I tried to run but everything was in slow motion. I felt smothered and had trouble breathing.  I could feel the hot, thick breath on the back of my neck. My life flashed before my eyes, in slow motion.  I turned and slipped and went into a free-fall.  Everything was black.  CRASH!  Suddenly, I am awake, staring up from the floor beneath my bed.  Elle is peering down from my pillow above, her little tail wagging with concern.

Everything is better now, except the bump on my head, the only evidence left of my near death in the jaws of Ornate Varanasaurus.

Its amazing, the things you see while out riding your bicycle in Gabon.

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