African Emerald Cuckoo

Tuesday, Dec. 22     During a morning ride for a baguette, I hear the penetrating three-tone song I associate so clearly with the African landscape.  It is nearby in the canopy of a tree, and I stop to search the boughs as I have so often done with limited success.  Suddenly, I catch a movement, a little emerald sparkle, and, after months of searching, have the pleasure of observing an African emerald cuckoo.  With what seems like mutual curiosity, it hops down for a closer look.  This striking, metallic green bird with breast and belly bright canary yellow is the size of an oriole.  It is most often hidden in the tree canopies, where its clear whistling “choo-choo-t-wee” is sometimes thought to mimic “hello Georgie”.  A brilliant start to the day.



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