bull elephant

a forest elephant bull, feeding in the coastal scrub near Sette Cama

It is late afternoon. I had just arrived with Mary, Alice and Francesca, boating across the lagoon to the Shell Hut in Sette Cama in preparation for a weekend of fishing and friends.  I thought perhaps I would take a walk on the beach while waiting for others to arrive, and midway through the coastal scrub, I am surprised to come face to face with a large bull elephant.  It is browsing on the date palms at the edge of a clearing.  The wind is in my favor, blowing in from the sea, and the hiss of surf covers the sound of my footsteps.  It picks up on my movement, but I quickly back to cover, and after a few minutes it resumes feeding.  Alerting Mary, Alice and Francesca, we sneak back for a view, and spend many minutes with this large bull before it suspects our presence, sending us scurrying back to the safety of Shell Hut.

2 responses to “bull elephant”

  1. What an excellent photograph David. Apart from the subject, the composition and your capture of the light is superb. You have certainly set the bar very high for aspiring amateurs awaiting work permits.

    1. Dave,
      You will have your opportunities. This particular elephant has a routine of habits that, because of location, perhaps can’t be anticipated, but chance favors those prepared…

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