lowland forest, part two

Today I cycled back to the lowland forest to check on a stealth camera. Last week I set the camera along one of the elephant trails where it passed close to an ozouga tree.  The base of the tree is huge, approximately three meters diameter at the point where buttresses meet the soil.  The soil has been pulled away, apparently by elephants, for their tracks are everywhere.  Possibly they were eating the roots of lianas that had been growing at the base of the ozouga.  Or maybe there is some mineral present that they find attractive.  After making some minor adjustments in positioning of the camera, I left it to record another week of activity.

I am pleased to have recorded an elephant in daylight.  The “boots” are watermarks from crossing a stream that drains through the forest to lagoon preceding this section of trail.

The rumble of thunder in the eastern sky warns of an approaching storm.  The mangabeys that had been feeding discreetly in the canopy above my head have moved deeper into the forest.  The shells of fruits they have found are raining down through the leaves, some plunking into pools scattered about.  Other than a disturbance of an eagle circling above, the forest has been quiet today.


7 responses to “lowland forest, part two”

  1. Love the elephant photos. And the lowland forest photos are so intense I can almost feel the insects crawling on me. Or is that not a problem?
    Thanks again for sharing.

    1. Becky,
      There are a few bugs out there. The worst are the ants, if I should find myself not watching where I step. Spiders are the other concern, but usually I can see or feel their web before its too late. Some of the webs are so strong, they could probably hold a small bird. Mosquitos, not too bad. Tetse flies, irritating but not so common. I wear long pants, socks over the cuffs, t-shirt and long-sleeved shirt, hat. I am a bug-magnet, unfortunately.
      The elephant pictures were a gift. I was thrilled. DK

  2. David, great record, we really like reading it , can relate to the text , pictures and adventures. Lets get out on a walk soon.

    1. Tony, because of your work schedule, we would have to schedule a weekend walk. Let me know what it looks like for you in the coming weekends… Thanks for reading.

  3. the tryptic is great. The movement of the elephant would be perfect as a sequence. Mom

    1. The tryptic is storytelling, though the elephant appears to walked around in a circle before approaching the camera in the third picture. Or backed up…

  4. I just love these photos too!!!

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