A sitatunga, Tragelaphus spekei, stands alert along an edge of submerged savanna.

Returning from Moungangara along the route Bord de Mer, Kassa suddenly spots a large male sitatunga crossing a swamp to our left, heading for forest cover on the other side of the route.  We brake immediately and I am out of the vehicle running to intercept.  It crosses the route 200 meters ahead of our vehicle as I sprint along the roadway.  The sitatunga appears oblivious to our presence, and with a breeze in my favor, I am able to approach within 60 meters before it glances back to ponder my silhouette in the roadway.  For 30 seconds it freezes in position, then bolts to the cover of a strip of marécage, stopping for another look before ambling across inundated savanna to the forest beyond.

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