the forest beyond

Today we arrive in the tiny village of Loubomo, crossing the Boume’ Boume’ River, passing through the hills of Panga on treacherous roads slick and buckling from the daily rains.  Mihindou tells the story of his plantations deep in the Loubomo forests where a few trees have been cut, undergrowth burned, and crops of manioc and bananas planted.  He is having trouble with elephants.  One in particular, a large male, has been trampling his banana trees.  We see tracks along the trail, huge tracks like buckets sinking deeply into the spongy earth.  Mostly the elephants come in the night, but Mihindou has seen the large male some mornings.  This one is not afraid of Mihindou.  He says a gorilla will visit early in the morning, too.  His plantations feed many animals.   There is very little we can do to help Mihindou but listen to his story.  The elephants and gorillas are protected.  Mihindou and his plantations are not.  It is life in Loubomo.

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