elephants’ dance

It was the crack of branches that drew my attention to the kitchen window.  The familiar sound signaled the approach of an elephant.  Stepping outside to figure its location, I was surprised to see two large bulls facing off in the back garden.  They were totally preoccupied with each other, sparring across the garden, leaving trampled hedges and furrows of crumpled grass in their wake.  I followed them for awhile, watching from behind a bush here, a tree there, then behind our neighbor’s car, cautious to not divert attention from their rivalry.  The care with which they placed tusks against faces suggested a friendly challenge.  The click of ivory and low grumbling to the accompaniment of snapping and crunching vegetation was soundtrack for the ballet of the giants as they pirouette in a slow-motion pas de deux across the garden and on into the evening.

8 responses to “elephants’ dance”

  1. Hi David,
    I’ve been stalking your page for a while now – absolutely loving your pics and eloquent commentaries. Its been great to be able to share with friends too, who don’t believe my stories of monkeys and elephants. Keep up the good work!

    I hope all is well in Yenzi. All the best to you, Lisa and Elle.

    1. Desley, You are so fortunate to have been here to see, and smell, and hear, and feel such great experiences. Like nowhere else on earth! David

  2. Paula Benjaminson Avatar
    Paula Benjaminson

    Wow! Makes me want to be back in Yenzi!!! Great photos, David! I love reading your stories and seeing the photos. Yenzi is far better than Libreville!!
    Please give Lisa and Elle my best!

    1. Paula, You are welcome back anytime. All of us miss you.

  3. Hi David just looked at the photos of gorilla . Amazing. We are with our kids in Mauritius and having a good time . White beaches and blue water . Very hot . A cyclone is on its way so might get to experience that . See you are still having fun fishing . Dave

    1. Dave, sounds like a truly great holiday. I had to look it up on a map. Must be some good fishing along the beaches, yes? In case you were wondering, the large sand shark I fin-hooked was with the silver spoon you had given me. It took a lot of abuse in that 30 minutes of fight. I am using your bait leads and tying on the prawns as you showed me. Working great, as I have caught many fish with your knowledge and advice. Taut lines!

  4. David,
    We just found your most recent awesome pics and writings. We are so very proud of you and your work. May you continue your wonderful journey into the New Year! We love you and Lisa and Elle and Nico too. Marilyn & Jim

    1. Marilyn. Thanks. When you live in paradise, it is not so hard to capture and write about the beauty that surrounds you.

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