beach moth

Approaching a drifted log on the beach, I was surprised by what I initially thought was a bat bursting forth in front of my face.  This moth had been hiding perfectly camouflaged within the eroding end of the beached log.  As large as my hand, it fluttered erratically into the sea breeze before coming to rest on the beach.  Beautifully subtle shades of velvet-brown resembled tree-rings, and a pair of eyes looked out ominously as if to frighten any  nearby predators.  Resting momentarily exposed on the glaring sands of the beach, it soon lifted off, whisked away on a wind gust to disappear into the shadows of the coastal vegetation.

2 responses to “beach moth”

  1. Marjorie Johnson Avatar
    Marjorie Johnson

    Fascinating, David. You’re becoming quite the zooligist.

    Happy New Year to you and Lisa!

    Are you staying there forever?


    1. Hi Marjorie,
      Nice to hear from you. Lisa and I are staying here for now. Who knows what the future will bring. We are at least here through the winter months, but we try to come back once a year, in July or August. I’m not much for freezing temperatures, wind chill, and shoveling snow…

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