elephant swim

Our telephone is ringing at 6:20 this morning.  Luanne is calling.  Luanne’s house overlooks Lake Yenzi, and there is an elephant swimming in the lake.  It is not that unusual, for the two males have been seen swimming together several times over the past few weeks.  I decide to go have a look, so with camera over shoulder, I peddle my way to Luanne’s house.

This is an elephant that loves the water.  He is rolling sideways, diving below the surface, blowing bubbles (from both ends), mostly just bobbing around.

I should be paying closer attention, for soon his brother pads across the garden, surprising those of us that have come to watch.

When approached by an elephant, always try to get something between yourself and the beast…

I am hoping his brother doesn’t notice me standing at the edge of the boat shed, but I can see when he makes eye contact, and then begins moving my way, requiring me to scramble to the back of the shed where I hope he will forget I am hiding.  Soon his attention shifts to the lake and he turns to join his brother.  They seem to play well together, wrestling with trunks, climbing onto each other, the click of ivory against ivory, the squeak of slick elephant skin punctuated by the gurgling, bubbling trunks.


11 responses to “elephant swim”

  1. Worth waking up for – it was such a beautiful morning!! I should have offered coffee!
    The last picture is my favourite.

    1. the last thing we need is elephants on caffeine!

  2. Stunning images David.
    Particularly the last shot, sharp as razors, and great composition.

  3. The last picture is a prize winner David. Great audience appeal. Mom

    1. I hear that all over camp. A hands down favorite.

  4. Camille: Luanne's friend Avatar
    Camille: Luanne’s friend

    These are wonderful pictures, especially when you live in a desert!

    1. Camille, Thanks for writing. I happen to love deserts, and this is truly a different landscape.

  5. Hi David,
    Such wondrous pictures and great descriptive language.
    Please keep it up.I so enjoy your blog.
    Happy Xmas to you & Lisa from Fay

    1. Thanks Fay, I am always looking forward to the next adventure. Gamba is full of surprises.

  6. OHMYGOD!!!!!Mary

    1. I hope you are practicing your comment in preparation for Tanzania!

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