bat in the garden

I dismissed it as a leaf hanging dead in a branch behind the house, though Lisa continued to study the gray and black pear-sized shape hanging from a tree in the garden.  Leaving the patio for a closer look, we discovered we had a bat visitor.

The sleepy creature eyed us inquisitively as we approached, did some sniffing with its oversized nose, then yawned, rubbed its face into a folded wing and closed its eyes.  Moving slowly so as not to alarm our guest, we were able to get within a meter for an incredible close look at something we usually see only as a streaking silhouette above the trees in the night sky.  Striking white epaulettes contrasted with a black V set into a grizzle of gray fur on its back.  Framed by black folded wings, it hung motionless from an elegant pair if sinewy black legs.  We are not sure what kind of bat has come to roost.  We are hoping to find a bat expert who can give this one a name.

2 responses to “bat in the garden”

  1. These are great and love that you got to see yawn and stretch. Do post what it is when you find out.

    1. I will follow-up on ID, if I can find. I believe, from my investigation, that it is an Old World leaf-nose bat of the Hipposiderinae family. The nose structure appears to be developed for echo-location.

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