elephants of N’Dogo Lagoon

The heat that accompanies the rainy season seems to have returned.  Between rains, the sun feels additionally hot as it cuts through the vapor in the atmosphere.  Perhaps the elephants notice the difference and find comfort in the waters of the lagoon.  They were abundant at the water’s edge on Sunday morning as we motored along the lagoon.

A pair of elephants splash about along the edge of N’Dogo Lagoon. apparently enjoying the cooling water.

A bull, reluctant to leave the water, stands his ground as we stop to observe.  Not knowing the water depth, we keep our distance to avoid an escalation of tension.

2 responses to “elephants of N’Dogo Lagoon”

  1. Love both the night and day photos of the elephants. Got some winners here David!

    1. The past weekend was like a “perfect storm” for photographs of elephants.

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