forest buffalo

Fresh tracks of a solitary buffalo passed in front of the camera trap, from last night I would later discover.  While re-setting the camera, I see a red back of some creature crossing the savanna before me, about 150 meters distant.  Soon the head pops up over the grasses and I see it is a forest buffalo, heading for my position.  Unfortunately, the wind is not in my favor and soon the buffalo reels around and retreats to a patch of island forest in the middle of savanna.

A forest buffalo in the savanna and forest mosaic near Gamba.

Seeing my chance, I quickly cross the savanna and begin working my way along the far edge of forest, thinking the buffalo may retreat back to forest.  As I approach the island forest, I see the buffalo heading toward my position.  A few pieces of vegetation afford cover but block my view so I quickly reposition for some pictures where I think it will continue.  At 60 meters off, it is wary but not spooked and lingers to try to figure my silhouette at the edge of savanna before continuing into forest.

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