Splendrous hornet-moth

Walking a sand track today I heard a buzz coming up from the trail behind.  Looking around, I saw an insect hovering among the leaves, landing for a split-second, then moving on, then landing, then moving on ahead.  I was able to follow it for a moment, pleased to have one opportunity for a photograph before it zoomed up over the treetops.  Gone.

A  Splendrous Hornet-moth alights for only a moment before disappearing above the trees.

After a bit of searching, I discovered the name of this moth is the Splendrous hornet-moth, Euchromia formosa.  Eu-truly, chromia-colored, formosa-really beautiful. Sometimes called a Handmaiden.

2 responses to “Splendrous hornet-moth”

  1. Great photos as per usual David. 4 of us were very lucky to see 5 gorrillas the other day on the way to Mayanami they just ambled out of the forest with a Baby as well

  2. What a great pic of a unique critter! It looks and sounds like one of those mashed together animals out of the Avatar cartoon!

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