exploring Nyanga River track

A canopy of twisted limbs above a dry lagoon along the road to Nyanga River.
Shivangi studies the landscape of a dry forest lagoon.

A photographic trek to the forests and savannas near Nyanga River with Shweta and Shivangi on Thursday September 25 revealed a landscape of visual opportunities. The sand track leaves the tarmac halfway between Gamba and Mayonami, winding across savannas, through forests and on to the sea. Signs of wildlife were abundant, including a glimpse of the White-crested hornbill sailing over the track, a black bird with unusually long white-tipped tail, spotted white wings and shaggy white crest. Also seen on this day, a hive of wild bees in the forest, recent prints of a gorilla crossing the track, and prints of elephant, buffalo, sitatunga, red river hog.

Corpse of Yellow-backed duiker, a broken snare on hind leg.

A sad reminder of the thoughtless suffering and waste inflicted by humanity, a yellow-backed duiker corpse trailed a broken length of trap-wire before departing to the spirit world.

The lagoons are mostly dry at this time, creating an open forest floor beneath a cathedral-like arch of forest canopy. An enchanting landscape.

Photographing among a labyrinth of trees, Shweta makes adjustments to her camera.

2 responses to “exploring Nyanga River track”

  1. Very well written article Dave…and it was an awesome experience. Thanks for that, and with your knowledge I came to know about many footprints of animals:). And my most cherised moment was getting an antelope head:)).

    1. Thank you Shweta. Remember, I would like to make a photograph of the antelope head when you are back in Gamba.

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