Vera Plaine enchanted forest


Nephila spider guards the trail entrance to the forest.

A trip to Vera Plaine to place a camera trap was Paul’s idea. He had happened across an animal den in the forest in the week previous, and, not knowing what creature was occupying, thought a camera monitoring the entrance might settle the mystery.

Paul, with daughters Eline and Amber, and myself got an early start on December 31st, arriving shortly after 9am. The forest was buzzing with insects. An immense Nephila spider hung in a web alongside the trail into the forest.

After setting the camera to monitor the mystery den, we wandered a trail for an hour before returning to savanna to look for butterflies.

A tiny scorpion, approximately three centimeters long, foraging in the leaf litter at the edge of the forest.

Good spotting by Eline and Amber discovered a tiny scorpion in the leaf litter beneath our feet, along with various beetles, crickets and grasshoppers hidden in the vegetation. Six hours after we left the forest, a lone chimpanzee would record as it passed the camera, moving through the forest we explored earlier in the day.

Large Chimpanzee passes the camera trap on its way through the forest.

Later that night, and throughout the two weeks of camera activity, a Giant pouched rat with family solved the den mystery. An impressive rat, this one looked to be at least a third of a meter in length with a long tail adding another third-meter. The “pouch” refers to large cheek pouches used to carry food to their dens for storage.  It was most active in the dark of night, from 2am to 5am, scuttling about in the surrounding forest understory, reshaping its burrow, cleaning itself. It appeared to have a mate and possibly one or two smaller pups scampering in and out of the burrow.

A Giant pouched rat captured by camera trap in front of its burrow in the forest.

A brush-tailed porcupine wandered through, 4:40am, early in the morning of January 2nd. Later in the week, the rat darted quickly into its burrow as three elephants wandered through shortly before 11pm. A little Blue duiker passed by on a sunny morning. A solitary chimpanzee or gorilla ambled past, 7:35am on the morning of the 8th, hard to identify through a rain-spattered lens.

Mother gorilla with baby riding bareback through a forest in Vera Plaine.

Most impressive was a band of 22 gorillas that recorded on the camera in the late afternoon of the 5th of January. It appeared two silverbacks were in the group, and at least 4 babies riding mother’s shoulders.

Part of the band of 22 gorillas captured by camera trap on the 5th January.

2 responses to “Vera Plaine enchanted forest”

  1. What a score! And no cameras were lost in the process! So much activity- is that unusual to get such diversity with on of your set-ups?

  2. Love the variety. Rats and gorillas and more.

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