early morning on Vera Plaine

An early morning fog drifts out of the forests and across the savannas of Vera Plaines.

6 responses to “early morning on Vera Plaine”

  1. MAGICAL! The humidity must be waaaaay up there.

    1. Yes, in the forest, but we were camping on a savanna hill and could feel a light, cooling breeze most of the day and night. The humidity varies greatly depending where you are.

  2. I can’t help but wonder which of your photos from Africa would have stirred your dad’s urge to paint.
    These shots are inspiring me. Sumi-e style, just add the four treasures.

    1. I was thinking my Dad would have been sketching away if he were here. Definitely looks like something he would paint.

  3. this photo is really ethereal. Reminds me of the effects your dad would strive to paint and evoke in people. The colors add to the effect.

    1. Dad came to mind when I saw this scene unfolding. I see a similar vision in some of his paintings.

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