skull, Yellow-backed Duiker

4 responses to “skull, Yellow-backed Duiker”

  1. Georgia on my mind…..tell me about this one.

    1. Georgia O’Keefe? Yes, I have always been drawn to her bone paintings. And my father was a big influence, who had a wolf skull found while hunting near Ely. I thought that was the coolest thing. Such a gateway to the imagination. I have been doing skulls for a long time. A gopher skull I found when growing up led to a science fair project on dentition and animal diet, which made use of my growing skull collection.
      So anyway, I was out photographing with friends Shweta and Shivangi (Exploring Nyanga River track) , and we found this Duiker carcass, and Shweta brought the skull home. While she was out for Christmas holiday, I borrowed it. Lisa, meanwhile, had gone to a symposium in Paris with fellow scientists and spent a free day at the Louvre. She brought back a book on Georgia O’Keefe (by Randall Griffin/Phaidon-Focus). Lisa liked the design and layout of the book, and thought my book (in progress) might benefit from a similar design. So, probably, Georgia was fresh on my mind.
      As for the backdrop, I have always been drawn to the abstract, mysterious quality of blackboards, and, lacking a real blackboard, I improvised with an old piece of black foamcore and baby powder.

  2. Really impressive Dave…..I liked it

    1. Thank you for lending me while you were on holiday.

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