in memory, Anne Waerness-Vold

Lisa lights a candle in Vera Plaines for Anne.

A herd of 20 buffalo thundered across the savanna before us as Lisa and I crossed the forests and savannas of Vera Plaines. Our destination was the stunning overlook view across N’Dougou Lagoon to the mountains of Moukalaba-Doudou Park.

Camping back in August of last year was a special memory. The cool night of dry season gave way to the soft light of a hazy sunrise. The quiet of our morning in paradise was soon shattered by the buzz of motorbikes, quads and cars as friends ascended the distant hills to converge on our camp. Luckily we had been expecting company, among them Tormod on his bike and Anne arriving in the comfort of Toyota, bringing a delicious breakfast to share.

A candle in celebration of Anne Waerness-Vold and her time among friends in Gabon.

Lisa and I thought it would be a fitting place to light a candle in honor of Anne, who passed away on Saturday in Muscat, Oman. Our sympathy goes out to Tormod, and sons Mats, Andre, and Aleksander. We keep Anne in our memories and celebrate the time Anne spent in the company of friends here in Gabon.

6 responses to “in memory, Anne Waerness-Vold”

  1. Thank you, David, this means a lot to us. Anne loved her time in Gabon. I will share this with her family and friends.



  2. What a lovely way to remember a friend. The candleholder is in itself an aesthetic object .

    1. All things Gabon; an eagle feather, an owl feather, a parrot feather, and assorted shells and seeds washed ashore along the coast. Hopefully it will still be there for others to visit.

  3. What a beautiful tribute and memorial.

  4. Well done David and Lisa. A lovely gesture for Anne and her family.

  5. Anne and Tormod were our neighbours in Brunei. When I heard the sad news on Sunday I could see immediately in front of me a happy smiling face of a young Anne. So sad for Tormod and their boys. My deepest sympathy.
    Lynne de Boer

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