Mondah Forest

A beautiful rainforest experience is only a short drive up the coast from Libreville.

Between Libreville and Cap Estérias, Mondah Forest occupies approximately 10,000 hectaires of protected equatorial rainforest. Because of its proximity to the Libreville population, most mammals have been hunted out of existence, but the forest itself contains some magnificent stands of okoume, ozouga, alep and ilomba trees.

Students from schools in the Libreville area benefit from an environmental experience in Mondah Forest.

There are many hiking trails through the forest. Access and parking is along the route, at the sign for Bois des Geants entrance of Aboretum Raponda-Walker, between Libreville and Cap Estérias. The route is in very good condition, having been repaved recently. It is to your advantage to make arrangement before scheduling a visit. For a safe experience, a guide is required. Parcs Gabon administers the area.

Contact Anne Marie Ndong Obiang:, or Mathieu Ducroc, 07 98 29 75, email: to schedule a visit. Guides available by appointment include Fabrice Nzengue, tel: 05 57 71 36, and Narcisse Lembomba, tel: 04 69 49 73, and 02 14 63 84. There is no fee required to visit Mondah Forest, but if guides have facilitated a rewarding visit, a gratuity will be appreciated.

Future planning will include a canopy walk of several hundred meters between towering trees in the forest interior. Construction is possibly already underway, but will take several years to complete.  Nearby Cap Estérias is a pleasant, sleepy village worth a stop for a quick lunch or dinner at Ikenga Restaurant, located just off the main road through the village.

Guides from ANPN (Agence Nationale des parcs nationaux) work with botanists to classify trees in Mondah Forest.
Mondah Forest spills out to the Atlantic Ocean between Cap Santa Clara and Cap Estérias.

2 responses to “Mondah Forest”

  1. You working for the Gabonese tourist board now David?

    1. Actually, sort of. ANPN is keen to have photographs of their projects in the parks and are willing to include me on their expeditions in exchange for pictures.

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