camera trap. August 2015

August 1, 8:40am. An elephant stampede crosses a trickle of stream near Gamba.
August 3, 9:00am. A young male Sititunga warily approaches a camera trap near Gamba.
August 9, 6:22am. A large male Sititunga at a flooded river crossing.
August 9, 8:30am. The young Sititunga is back six days later.
August 12, 5:30am. A leopard follows a track into deep forest, near Gamba. Two other leopards follow this same track, one, a juvenile, the same morning, and another larger cat three nights later.
August 17, 1:21pm. A male Mandrill follows the same track near Gamba.
August 18, 3:22pm. A large male Chimpanzee pauses along a trail in front of a camera trap as another forages in the distance.
August 18, 3:23pm. A pair of Chimpanzees linger before a camera trap on a forest track near Gamba.




2 responses to “camera trap. August 2015”

  1. Wwowwwww! All so close to home. Amazing!

  2. Wow! Great shots, and from a camera trap. Good positioning of camera trap.

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