Didric cuckoos

Didric cuckoos in the nauclea tree, male and female.
Didric cuckoos in a nauclea tree, male and female.

A pair of cuckoos appeared in the garden today. Didric cuckoos. I rarely see these secretive birds. Lately we have been having an explosion of caterpillars in the garden, and this seems to be bringing the cuckoos down into the understory. Last week it was the Emerald cuckoo. This pair of Didrics fed for almost an hour before moving on. The iridescent blue, green and copper of the male shimmers in the sunlight.  Beautiful to watch. I am impressed by their skill and focus on hunting caterpillars.


4 responses to “Didric cuckoos”

  1. Amazing color patterns on the bird. Lovely!

    1. And the colors change depending on the direction of light. These are some of my favorite birds.

  2. Beautiful!!!!

    1. Thanks Gianna. The cuckoos are trying to lure you back. 😉

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