coastal rainforest

Enchanting, mysterious, timeless. The lowland coastal forests of Gabon are inundated with pools and lagoons. They trickle into streams of fresh, tannin-stained water coursing to the sea. Diverse little habitats where fish begin their lives, hippos find sanctuary, elephants and buffaloes pause on a sweltering afternoon.


Monkeys feeding high in the Uapacas drop fruits to the forest floor to be scavenged by duikers. A few crocodiles lie silent, haunting the larger lagoons. Distant cries of the ibis and turacos echo above the drone of crickets, crickets in turn suddenly hushed by the galago’s trill. Not a trace of relief breaks beneath the canopy. The sole evidence of a breeze in the heavens, the intermittent and lazy settle of leaves dancing to a muddled grave. A saturated atmosphere vibrating with the pulse and cycle of life.

The stilt roots of a Uapaca tree aid stability in a forest saturated during the rainy season.


4 responses to “coastal rainforest”

  1. I miss these walks David but your description brings back the sounds and smells. Your photos, as always are fabulous. X

    1. Thanks Kate, I miss walking with you in the forests. There seems to be less interest in camp today for adventures like these.

  2. Gosh that’s sad. How can they be missing what’s on their doorstep? Is Toby getting lots of interest in his work now that he is on camp? Keep up the blog. I always look forward to your next outing. X

    1. People still get out to have adventures. Now that the road is open to Tchibanga, many people have gone to Moukalaba-Doudou to see gorillas. And whale-watching has become popular (in season). The beaches have always been the spontaneous party. Tobi and Smithsonian have had lots of activity since moving to Casse 4. Too bad the funding has been cut so drastically that they have few options for research…
      Since my gorilla episode, I think people think twice about going into the forest with me. 😉

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