sitatunga spotted

On our way to Aphrodite Beach for a picnic with friends. Aphrodite is maybe 15 to 20 kilometers south of Gamba, off a pot-holed tarmac road that has good probability of seeing wildlife. It winds between savannas and forest a few kilometers in from the sea.

sita_3518_dkorteWe see a Sitatunga watching us from the edge of forest. She bolts back to cover as we slow to  a stop. Continuing, we see another, perhaps 40 meters off the road, standing in savanna at the forest edge. She does not appear eager to return to cover and picks her way cautiously through the vegetation. Perhaps she was forced to flee the cover of forest by another animal. Perhaps there are hunters nearby. She looks vulnerable, peering cautiously into the darkness of forest before disappearing into the shadows.

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