Redemption Beach, Monrovia, Liberia

A beautiful late-afternoon light illuminates Redemption Beach, diffused by the salted atmosphere carried on the sea breeze. Today, a passing storm front muted that light, though, between breaking clouds, a few seconds radiance poured over the landscape.


The sand beach is carved into soccer pitches, at least three back to back along this 3/4 mile of beach. Local teams play on weekend afternoons while families stroll newly constructed Redemption Road. The Liberian Executive Mansion, under restoration and framed by construction cranes, rises above the hill overlooking the sea.

In 1980, Redemption Beach was the site of the firing squad executions of 13 Cabinet Ministers and elder brother of assassinated Liberian President William Tolbert. The coup d’etat happened under command of Sergeant Samuel Doe, who went on to seize power, becoming President of Liberia.

Renovation comes slowly to Liberia, being devastated by two civil wars and an Ebola outbreak. Public spaces are few, but much appreciated, as is Redemption Beach.

One response to “Redemption Beach, Monrovia, Liberia”


    Beautiful scenary. I appreciate your efforts and look forward to seeing more of this.

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