shipping to Liberia

30 photographs printed on canvas, framed in metal float-frames, packaged for shipment to a collection in Liberia. Two years of a life in Liberia.






5 responses to “shipping to Liberia”

  1. Beautiful work, as always! Bravo!

    1. thank you Jody!

  2. How can I get one book and some paintings? I love the collection very much and would like to have some of the paintings handing in my living room. How do I place an order since Liberia is not listed among the countries in the drop down selection box? Or is there a location in Liberia where I can purchase David’s collection?

    Thanks for such great work.

  3. Hi! I Love your work! Are your Liberia books still available? If so, where could I purchase one? Is it possible to purchase your Liberian photos/art?


    1. Hi Audrey,
      Thanks! The books are available right here on my website. There is a link at the bottom of the header labeled “book: Liberia Portfolio” It is set up for PayPal or credit card and includes shipping to a USA address. If you prefer to mail a check, I can provide a mailing address. If overseas, let me know the destination and I can research the shipping cost. Thanks again, David

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